Amazing Grace Music Program

Pride Academy® is proud to be able to offer our children the wonders of learning to play music. By providing an exciting, comprehensive music lessons using motivated materials and activities, children discover the world of music.
We offer weekly 1 hour long violin and piano music classes, using computer assisted instructions to children Ages: 3-12. The instruments and instructional books are provided for FREE by Pride Academy and professionally trained music teachers instruct the classes. Three times a year, Pride Academy hosts concerts for the parents so that they can enjoy the progress their children have made in becoming accomplished musicians.
In addition to lessons, children age 9 to 12 are invited to participate in the Garage Band program every Friday afternoon. Kids use technology to create and perform music. Taught by a professionally trained music teacher, kids learn basic music theory, how to use the computer software, Garage Band, write their own compositions and then produce a recording with it being posted on the internet using YouTube so that others might enjoy their creations.

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