Computer_Luv Class

Class Topics (Last 8)

  • Planing out the direction of a class participating music video combining the entire classes knowledge and experience with cameras from the past classes. We will direct, shoot, act, and have dance choreography planned out for the “Old Town Road” country rap song suitable for all ages!
  • Setting up & connecting the class computers in the lab
  • Repair a Flat screen Tv that I will bring in today, we with trouble shoot it, discuss the parts and ultimately I will order the parts to get installed to fit it.
  • Today in computer class we will be repairing a cracked iPad screen, we will go over identifying the model number and finding the repair parts online, order the parts etc.
  • Go over a portable photobooth & printing, each scholars will learn to take professional portraits and then print them on a portable photo printer via usb sdcard adapter
  • Going over commercial digital marketing (shoes) using Adobe Photoshop
  • Learn how to sample & mix music/ beats in Virtual DJ for Mac!
  • Introduction to CLI (Command Line Interface) using MS-DOS to find IP address and username