PRE-K Program

Pride Academy® PRE-K program is an early childhood learning experience that helps Pride Academy® children grow every day so they are ready to succeed in school. Starting at the age of 2, our trained staff provides gross and fine motor development skill activities to promote physical growth. To grow their minds, children engage in daily fun, thought provoking activities that focus on Themes of the Week and Letters, Numbers, Colors and Shapes. Arts and Crafts, Storytime, Music, Science and computers activities are just some of the methods used to teach the themes. Every Friday staff reviews all of the weekly themes, letters, numbers, shapes and colors and each child is allowed to take a library book home over the week-end to read with their family. Pride Academy preschoolers (3 years and older) are encouraged to take Amazing Grace music lessons, learning how to piano and the violin and they are invited to participate in the The Institute of Sankofa Fare programming, learning African dance and drum skills.
It is our promise that when your child is ready to enter Kindergarten, they will be ready to learn and succeed in school.

PAK 2018