Assessment – Older Toddler

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English/ Language Arts
Yes / No
Demonstrate continual growth in understanding increasingly complex and varied vocabulary
Respond to simple statements, request, and/ or gestures
Uses gestures to clarify communication
Use single words or simple phrases
Talk about past, present, and future events
Take turns in a conversation
Respond to a request for clarification
Recognize and identify some frequently occurring letters in context
Recognize symbols have meaning
Begin to engage in word and sound play with adults
Distinguish between words that contain similar- sounding phonemes (pig-jig, cat- mat)
Recognize familiar books by cover
Recite parts of well- known stories, rhymes, and songs
Hold books with two hands and turns pages
Show preference for familiar stories and report phrases of the story
Answer simple questions about a story
Tell a story from pictures in the book
Make scribbles or shapes to convey meaning
Imitate simple lines and shapes
Experiment with a variety of writing tools, materials, and surfaces
Draw pictures and scribble to generate and express ideas
Dictate a story for an adult to write