Assessment – Young Preschool

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English/ Language Arts
Yes / No
Demonstrate continual growth in understanding increasingly complex and varied vocabulary
Respond to complex gestures and/or actions to communicate (such as comforting others who are crying)
Listen to and follow multi-step directions with adult support
Demonstrate continual growth in increasingly varied and complex vocabulary
Use complex gestures and actions to communicate
Use simple vocalizations to communicate
Use expanded sentences
Describe activities, experiences, and stories with detail
Answer questions posed by adults or peers
Ask questions for understanding and clarity
Make on topic comments
Stay on topic in two- way conversation with others
Recognize and identify most uppercase and some lowercase letters
Demonstrate basic knowledge of letter-sound correspondence
Engage in rhyming games and songs; can complete a familiar rhyme
Identify rhyming words in spoken language
Orally blend and segment familiar compound words, with modeling and support
Demonstrate awareness of sounds as separate units
Begin to understands that books are comprised of written words
Respond to and interact with read alouds of literary and informational text
Hold books right side up and turn pages left to right
Respond and interact with stories (fictional and nonfictional)
Answer questions about a story
With adult support retell familiar stories
Recognize that drawings, paintings, and writings are meaningful representations
Copy simple lines and shapes
Create a simple picture
Use writing tools with adult support
Create writing with the intent of communicating
Dictate a story for an adult to write
Use pictures, letters, and symbols to communicate a story.