The staff of Pride Academy® strive to develop a positive relationship with your child. Our goals for discipline or to help your child learn self-control and how to develop independent problem-solving skills. The following steps are taken when I discipline concern arises:

  1. A warning is issued and the teacher has a one on one with that child about the current situation.
  2. A second warning is issue with a reassurance that personal time will be issued if the same action takes place again.
  3. Personal time (time out) is issued. All children develop at different rates so we prefer not to use the phrase “timeout” instead we offer personal time period in which the child gets time to think about the situation and reflect on different ways to prevent the same situation from occurring again.
  4. If personal time fails then a notice sent home with the child and the parent teacher one on one is scheduled.
  5. Your child will remain supervised at all times!
  6. Pride believes in early intervention, partnering with several agencies such as the following:
    Midtown Mental Health Center
    First Steps
    Hope Haven