Milkweed Plants for North American Butterfly Gardens

  • I have switched five caterpillars from one milkweed to another and my babies haven’t moved since. But, stratification wouldn’t hurt the seeds of Butterfly Weed at all, and might even increase the germination rate. My good intentions to help preserve the Monarchs by buying tropical from HD was rewarded by getting tons of cats and all of them died in a few days and a few lasted a few weeks before dying off. Also effective in sunny borders. But it seems the older they are, the easier the switch.

  • I have butterfly weed plants that look healthy, they are about 4 feet tall. A. Tuberosa Seeds, available from Eden Brothers. I cut some Tuberosa stems to feed the cats in the castle, but the cats won’t eat it. First frost probably helped too. I have some in Memphis, TN and in Camden, TN. It’s just a list of potential options. Free shipping . Its medium texture blends into the garden, but can always be balanced by a couple of finer or coarser plants for an effective composition. As they have matured the past couple seasons, they are putting up more stalks (and blooms) on their own without extra encouragement. Good to know that fertilizer may be a solution.

    One last question: should this plant be cut back to encourage blooms?