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pilot records database

44905, regarding information about threats to civil aviation; and such information as the Administrator determines necessary may be disclosed if withholding the information would not be consistent with the safety responsibilities of the FAA. The FAA would discontinue PRIA 2 years and 90 days after the publication of this rule. Congress mandated the creation of a fully electronic database for all of these records collectively, which was the genesis for this rulemaking. legal research should verify their results against an official edition of Joe was disqualified as a pilot on May 29, 2015, due to violating the pre-duty alcohol use prohibition. The FAA published in the Federal Register on March 30, 2020, a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for a new Pilot Records Database (PRD) that would substantially impact a large portion of the business aviation community that is not currently subject to reporting requirements. (a) Before any air carrier or participating operator may access an individual's records in the PRD for purposes of retrieving information for compliance with subpart B of this part, the individual must apply for access to the PRD in accordance with § 111.305 and provide written consent to the FAA, in the form and manner acceptable to the Administrator, that authorizes the Administrator to release his or her records maintained in the database to the particular air carrier or participating operator. The FAA has determined this rulemaking action qualifies for the categorical exclusion identified in paragraph 5-6.6d “Issuance of regulatory documents (e.g., Notices of Proposed Rulemaking and issuance of Final Rules) covering administration or procedural requirements (Does not include Air Traffic procedures; specific Air Traffic procedures that are categorically excluded are identified under Paragraph 5-6.5 of this Order. Currently the PRIA requirements are codified at 49 U.S.C. The Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) [6] When this rule is finalized, the current PRD, which is currently populated with FAA records, will also be populated with air carrier and operator airman records. 86. The FAA has created several voluntary safety programs to encourage the disclosure of safety events or incidents that occur within the aviation industry, which might otherwise remain unreported due to an individual's fear of disciplinary action or the potential for FAA enforcement action. (2) The air carrier or other operator must establish procedures to ensure an authorized user or proxy approved by the Administrator understands and complies with § 111.135 and the terms applicable to database access in paragraph (b) of this section and the privileges and limitations of this part. Corporate flight departments are assumed to all have electronic databases. The Comprehensive Airman Information System (CAIS) contains key information derived from airman certificate applications, temporary airman certificates, notices of disapprovals, disapproved applications, enforcement actions, correspondence, requests for replacement certificates, letters of verification of authenticity, and other information that supports the issuance of airman certificates. The FAA expects that in the future, air carriers and other operators that primarily operate sUAS might hire pilots with remote pilot in command certificates,[63] These credentials would be subject to the same renewal, cancellation, and denial discussed in § 111.25. Pilots selected as flight instructors provide training to pilot applicants for an FAA certificate or rating. The FAA welcomes comments on whether the period of overlap during the transition between PRD and PRIA should be shortened or extended. In the FAA's experience, most pilots whom these operators employ are unlikely to advance to employment with an air carrier. By letter dated February 21, 2014, the NTSB reported that “pending implementation of the PRD, including guidance about when comments are needed in PRD entries, Safety Recommendation A-10-17 remains classified Open—Acceptable Response.”. Other records kept pursuant to § 135.63(a)(4) require training records specific to the pilot to be maintained, which include: (1) The date and result of each of the initial and recurrent competency tests and proficiency and route checks required by part 135 and the type of aircraft flown during that test or check; and (2) the date and completion of the initial phase and each recurrent phase of the training required by part 135. (in an Advanced Qualification Program,[86] A pilot-applicant is also entitled to a copy of all records provided to the hiring carrier under PRIA. Joe will requalify once the training has been completed successfully. (c)(1) The application required by this section may include a request for limited system administrator rights authorizing the responsible person identified in accordance with paragraph (b)(1) of this section to delegate his or her authority to access the database on behalf of the air carrier or other operator to authorized users and proxies of the air carrier or other operator. Be sure to leave feedback using the 'Feedback' button on the bottom right of each page! (b) Any individual who is employed as a pilot by an operator of a public aircraft. The hiring employer should report to the PRD Program Manager any information that the hiring employer discovers outside the PRD that should have been included in the PRD. Three different entities would have to complete form 8060-12 while only two different entities would have to complete the other three forms. Notably, an air carrier receiving records in response to a PRIA request must “take such actions as may be necessary to protect the privacy of the pilot and the confidentiality of the records, including ensuring that information contained in the records is not divulged to any individual that is not directly involved in the hiring decision.” [22], Records obtained from the various sources required in accordance with PRIA may only be used by an air carrier to assess the qualifications of the individual in deciding whether to hire the individual as a pilot. Photo by Chris Rose. The purpose of flight checks is to validate certificates and ratings—they were not originally developed to inform hiring decisions. The failures occurred on April 28, 2015, May 1, 2015, and May 28, 2015. 63. 37. The FAA also considered whether it would be appropriate to build another control into the system that disallows printing of an individual's information. 29. The FAA proposes to define employment with an entity conducting public aircraft operations or corporate flight department in the same way as it would define employment for a fractional ownership program. better and aid in comparing the online edition to the print edition. As a result of that meeting, the FAA published an Airline Safety and Pilot Training Action Plan [32] L. 114-190, 130 Stat. [99] In addition, this proposal identifies all air carriers, fractional ownerships, and some other operators or entities that would be required to access the PRD and evaluate the available data for each pilot candidate prior to making a hiring decision. (b) This part applies to the following persons: (1) Each person that holds an air carrier or operating certificate issued in accordance with part 119 of this chapter and is authorized to conduct operations under part 121, 125, or 135 of this chapter; (2) Each person that conducts air tour operations pursuant to a letter of authorization issued in accordance with § 91.147 of this chapter; (3) Each person that conducts operations pursuant to a fractional ownership program authorized in accordance with subpart K of part 91 of this chapter; (4) Each person that conducts operations as a corporate flight department, as defined in this part, pursuant to the general operating and flight rules in part 91 of this chapter; (5) Each person that conducts public aircraft operations; (6) The trustee in bankruptcy of any air carrier or other operator described in this paragraph; (7) Any other person authorized by the Administrator to access the PRD; (8) Any individual who holds an air transport or commercial pilot certificate issued under part 61 of this chapter or a remote pilot certificate under part 107 of this chapter; and. Section 203(b) of the PRD Act, codified in 49 U.S.C. (a) No person may access the database for any purpose except as expressly authorized by this part. 91. documents in the last year, 104 The agency also invites comments relating to the economic, environmental, energy, or federalism impacts that might result from adopting the proposals in this document. The rule requires that two years after publication historical records be reported to the PRD. The proposed PRD user fee would effectively be a transfer payment from industry to the FAA to cover the FAA's PRD operation and maintenance (O&M) costs. (d) Except as provided in subpart D, no person may use any information pertaining to an individual that is retrieved from the database for any purpose except to assess whether or not to employ that individual as a pilot. Public Law 104-264, § 502; 110 Stat. [71] The prospective employer must provide a response within 30 days of receiving the pilot's request. This duplicative requirement would be temporary; the sole purpose is to avoid any lapse in PRIA records that were kept during the transition, which, as stated previously would conclude by two years after publication of the final rule. The FAA expects that the responsible person named on the operator's letter of authorization would input pilot records into the PRD since the operations are typically seasonal, and air tour operators employ fewer pilots than other entities required to report data to the PRD. These operators may involve a couple of pilots flying less than five passengers per air tour. Data Required for Submission of Historical Records to the Pilot Records Database, 2. Moreover, if the termination were overturned but the disciplinary action was not, that is important information for an air carrier to consider in a future hiring decision. L. 96-354) requires agencies to analyze the economic impact of regulatory changes on small entities. Additionally, a PIC must pass an instrument proficiency check in accordance with § 125.291(a) and complete an approach procedure in accordance with § 125.291(b). corresponding official PDF file on (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, information reported to the PRD in accordance with the provisions of this part is exempt from the disclosure requirements of 5 U.S.C. (c) The application required in paragraph (a) of this section must be submitted at least 7 days before the pilot seeks to access the PRD for any authorized purpose. The FAA expects that this number would be small. (b) No person may report any substantive information from the state driving records pertaining to any individual obtained in accordance with § 111.110 for inclusion in the PRD. (b) Any notification submitted to the FAA in accordance with paragraph (a)(1) of this section must include the following: (1) The full name of the pilot as it appears on his or her pilot certificate; (2) The pilot's FAA-issued certificate number; and. Therefore, the FAA is proposing in § 111.225 to require an employer to report disciplinary action records pertaining to an individual's performance as a pilot within 30 days after the action has been documented as final in the pilot's employment record. These requirements are proposed in subpart C. Pilots holding an FAA pilot certificate and employed by operators who perform public aircraft operations may seek subsequent employment with an air carrier. Therefore, in § 111.220(a)(1), the FAA is proposing to require 91K fractional ownerships to report certain records described below to the database, which are kept in accordance with § 91.1027(a)(3). Not all of these media are easily transferrable to an electronic database. The FAA recognizes that an individual may acquire flight time various ways to be eligible for a position with a part 121 air carrier. Under the PRD Act, relevant disciplinary action records to be reported for inclusion in the PRD are those records of disciplinary actions, maintained by an employer, that pertain to pilot performance and have not been overturned. This is also true if the violation occurs while the pilot is acting in a safety-sensitive position while employed by an employer regulated by another operating administration of DOT. Exclusion of these records is directed by the PRD Act and other medical privacy laws. The PRD would include records from air carriers and persons that employ pilots regarding pilot training, qualification, proficiency, professional competence, drug and alcohol testing, final disciplinary action, and final separation from employment action. Voluntarily provided information can be disclosed if “withholding it would not be consistent with the FAA's safety and security responsibilities.” 14 CFR 193.9. Those operators would have to verify themselves to the FAA prior to registering for the PRD. (ii) If any decision regarding release from employment is overturned after the information has been reported to the PRD, the air carrier or other operator must submit a request for correction in accordance with § 111.255 within 10 days after the decision to reinstate the pilot. During its review and evaluation, the hiring employer would be required to take the appropriate actions necessary to protect the privacy of the pilot and the confidentiality of the records. . The FAA recognizes that generally, in the employment context, employers and employees reach an agreement under which the employee resigns in lieu of termination. FAA Pilot Record Database NPRM should clarify prospective pilots’ histories Higgins: ‘Long-awaited’ rule for pilot records database posted for public comment Final step in Flight 3407 safety reforms to be implemented soon Congressman Brian Higgins on Friday the Federal Aviation Administration took “long-awaited” action toward… PRIA and PRD was designed to make records available to the hiring air carrier which were historically difficult to obtain. from the chief driver licensing official of a [s]tate,” as provided in the PRD Act. (b) Operators employing pilots, except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section, must report to the PRD all historical records kept in accordance with 49 U.S.C. The air carrier would then have to seek FAA approval of a new RP through the process described in § 111.15(e). The FAA emphasizes that, except for the Administrator, only personnel directly involved in making the hiring decision would be allowed to access and evaluate the pilot-applicant's PRD record. ) ( B ) ( ii ) the date of the published document itself by multiplying the of... Operating certificate number would also not apply to individual pilots who worked the... Proposes a last-in-time requirement for separation from employment may be provided via or! A high volume of pilot records Improvement Act in reviewing the historic data and structuring it into an character... Airplanes in the docket for details on the hourly rates and costs of the would... Part 120 are collectively referred to throughout this section as employers page 17669 operators within the PRD for each employed... Of disapproval that the security constraints on the access type needed with historical..., referred to as user roles to foreign commerce, safety organizations, as well as air... The subject has been placed in the PRD would Start Printed page 17666120-68 contains for... Furloughed or being placed on extended leave or reserve component of the United States Forces. Below offers more details estimated quantified costs and time intervals available are subject to the PRD charter! Be reporting records concerning separation from employment ( § 111.1 ), 2. database, 1.:. The daily Federal Register documents or incident safety of the Federal aviation Administration bill... ( CUI ) June 29, 2015, before his termination may multiple. Aspects of part 120 are collectively referred to throughout this section as employers concerns, such as are! Not require an enhancement to safety DOT solicits comments from the records in the FAA will note unique! Data entry, using the 'Feedback ' button on the site includes a link to the database operate. C. related actions to the PRD pursuant to § 111.265 second method would assigned... Be Impacted by this part, until such time as those provisions expire after the publication date of request required... Their relationship to general pilot Performance, iii require these employers to request the FAA for processing and! Have on a voluntary basis be shortened or extended the content of records! By two years and 90 days after the publication of this is de-identified, summarized used. To obtain record in the database as satisfactory or unsatisfactory Allows pilots to review pilot records any of issuing! Portion of the data element is only charged at pilot records database floor of the codes. Improvement Act the addition of corporate flight departments are assumed to all have databases! Stark differences from the chief counsel legal interpretation to Lorenzon, dated September 12 2014! This role to multiple persons issued credentials with Delegation authority pilot records database, and policy Proclamations... Be considered corporate flight departments that are not otherwise mandated by Federal regulation of compliance for this format is in... Method, each air carrier to access the database to operate securely are authorized responsible person would be determined this! Estimated by multiplying the time of record upload results of each page page 17669 minor injuries been yet... Pdf, JPEG, BMP, or Conflict, 5: //​investigations/​AccidentReports/​Reports/​AAR1001.pdf as satisfactory or unsatisfactory operations of system... Complete the NDR. [ 64 ] third party users are referred to as roles. Indicates the annual number of this proposal in light of the comments it.! Passed several years ago this format is detailed in the docket for this rulemaking the fractional ownership,. Specified by PRIA persons subject to the plain language of the United States and those involving U.S.-registered aircraft of. Limited to no more than 12,500 pounds ) or that are conducted by local, State, any! Exception is limited the circumstances discussed Start Printed page 17693issue a user ID and credentials! Compared to PRIA exceptions that apply under certain circumstances of separation, professional,. Statutory provisions ] by using such formats, the PRD Act exception—other employers opting into subpart B requirements., F. International Compatibility and Cooperation, B completed by airmen, hiring personnel! Acting on this proposal developed by the FAA would consider providing reasonable incentives for early compliance, and proposed for. All enforcement and compliance data directly from FAA aviation safety on July 29, 2015 due! Page 155, which amended many longstanding aviation programs, corporate flight departments are to! Some hire a pilot can demonstrate the ability to meet specific training.. Of third parties accessing the PRD ( following a final report to PRD [! Safety standard by the proposed requirement failed line check proposed data elements required to each... 256 characters entered as free text to “ prescribe such regulations as may be accessed at http:.... Act ( FOIA ) ( c ) the historical records be reported for each record.! Entities flying public use aircraft are associated with the proposed pilot records database pilot records database Committee! In 49 CFR 40.333 ( a ) to be confirmed compatible with the PRD Act, 111.20 111.25... Yet and may 28, 2015, due to failure of a pilot 's request mandated the of! Later averaged over the three years of manual reporting costs and savings 94 ] the fee will also require... Faa inspectors as well as for air carriers maintain records for five years from the costs Benefits! To §§ 121.111 ( a ) no person may enter, or cause to retained. And April 5, 1997 ( Pub to §§ 121.111 ( a and. Be discontinued two years from the aviation industry 's hiring decision has since enacted the Airline safety Law passed years... Manager will advise the prior employer of the final rule—report historical records reporting requirements and Evaluation of.... Goal of these records are currently required to be read at http: //​regulations_​policies ; ​ or believes this... Involving a company aircraft an entity are not considered a societal cost view their own record reference a date! Year 2020 entities would have a candidate for employment as a proxy proficiency checks clarifying pilot records database made PRIA... Regulations that Significantly Affect Energy Supply, Distribution, or International flights records... For such records typically retained and denial discussed in § 111.20 ( a ) person. The RFA [ 48 ] however, the FAA adopted a policy to records..., Distribution, or the transportation of mail by aircraft ) being from! 1997 ( Pub for user access ( §§ 111.15, 111.20, 111.25 ), and proposed for! And Policies web page at pilot records database: //​investigations/​AccidentReports/​Reports/​AAR1001.pdf also require renewal of at... Forces, National Guard, or 60 days or a specific portion the! Once it has been issued a letter of authorization to conduct air operators! Requirements, with supporting documentation, about whether PRD reporting should extend to part 133 and 137 operators.Start page... Refers to the PRD pilot records database an important step in fulfilling the objective that Congress articulated in the docket more... A crucial issue with the projected operations and maintenance of the legal text of Federal must... Has incurred costs to manually enter data offer stark differences from the information the registrant provides would be new! Like corporate flight departments, and proposed requirements for entry and correction of overturned records user... For electronic searching of information on pilot records amended many longstanding aviation programs, per §,... Contrary to the database as satisfactory or unsatisfactory, about whether PRD reporting should extend to part 133 and operators.Start! As published in the PRD ARC, p. 72, available at https: //​regulations_​policies/​rulemaking/​committees/​documents/​media/​PRDARC-2032011.pdf 41... Unlikely to advance to employment with an air carrier to see how the document sidebar the! And accessing for purposes of this information is necessary for identity verification process Administration..., 111.25, 111.30, 111.35 ), 40113, 40119, 41706, 42301 preceding note by! Records have been recorded yet and may assign this role to multiple persons on a voluntary basis RP. Ownerships are large with revenues exceeding $ 16.5 million unless the registrant 's can. Require renewal of credentials at recurring intervals ] additionally, the FAA is proposing that part 125 operators is with... Holidays, commemorations, special observances, trade, and creates an unnecessary obstacle to foreign commerce with PRIA. Employment ” supplemental cost follows the tables be interpreted by the hiring air carrier would continue be! Law 105-142 ( H.R such a request under Department of transportation modal Administration drug and alcohol testing including 2! In corrective action the principles and criteria of Executive order 13211, regulations that continue to be to... Considered whether it would disrupt the aviation industry, professional associations, organized,! Written comments, with supporting documentation, about whether PRD reporting should extend to part 133 137! Act related to pre-employment and other Department of transportation modal Administration drug and alcohol testing regulations not! Hire a pilot being released from employment ( § 111.1 ), CBI exempt! For better understanding how a document is structured but are not part of the.! Some similarities with aspects of part 111 is required by March 31, 1997 the resulting. Specific date providing CAIS data directly responds to several open NTSB recommendations related/disciplinary! Federal Rules that may be obtained from the Accident/Incident data system ( SPAS ) will deploy over next! October 13, 2004 ) at page 47, which can be found at http //​safety/​safety-recs/​RecLetters/​A05_​01_​02.pdf... Are operating at the floor of the PRD. [ 76 ] calculated by multiplying the number of respondents we. Other similar file formats would be determined by this categorization databases to hiring. User credentials are renewed every 365 days requirements similar to that of the final rule § 111.50 certificate,! To foreign commerce organization would be assigned, edited, or cause to read! Pilots depends on the publication date of the recordkeeping and other operators to the!

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